Friday, June 25, 2010


So, I'm looking for a particular kind of cheese slicer on eBay for a friend. And then there's this. Out of the blue. I was unprepared, y'all. It's a high-heel cheese slicer. With a pink heel, no less. It appears to be a real thing in the world. Which you need for your kitchen. The seller assures us it's very sex and the city. I would say some other stuff, but ... I'm not sure what to say.


  1. Anonymous6/25/2010

    Beyond the ridiculosity of it, it looks really hard to use.

  2. Anonymous6/26/2010

    I'm sorry, but, those are hideous.

  3. minerva6/27/2010

    They look dangerous. I'd be afraid of injuring myself while slicing cheese.