Friday, June 25, 2010

Shocking...absolutely shocking...except not really

Nations fail to limit whaling, Japan still hunts
Of course, since Norway and and Iceland also hunt whales I'm not sure why American media outlets continue to focus only on Japanese whaling activities. I could take a guess but don't know enough about each nation's whaling activities to feel very confident about it.

On the other hand, since tissue samples taken from whales show that many whales have increasing amounts of toxic and heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, titanium) in their systems, maybe we should just say "eat up." You wanna kill and eat a whale? Go for it. Apparently they're doomed because of the toxins we've dumped into the oceans anyway, so help yourself to a whale steak, laced with sixteen times the levels of mercury thought to be dangerous to humans in shark and swordfish. Bon appetit.


  1. Well, maybe this is better than if they had reached an agreement where certain select countries were allowed to poach a limited number of whales from the "sanctuary." At least this way all whaling still appears to be a violation of international law.

  2. Sadly the IWC is a toothless joke.