Monday, June 21, 2010

Children's Food Bill of Rights

By Mrs Q at Fed Up with Lunch. I personally love it and can't believe there isn't already something like this.

Children's Food Bill of Rights

(Assumptions: Children are not small adults, but are growing and developing. Additionally children are not responsible for what they can eat as it is provided by parents and schools.)
  1. Parents have the right to advocate for their children because children have no voice or real power.
  2. Children deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in the food choices adults make on their behalf.
  3. Parents and schools have the obligation to seek out the healthiest and freshest food available to optimize the development of children.
  4. Children must eat food free of contaminants including but not limited to toxic metals (such as lead), trans fats, and fillers and as well as artificial sweeteners and preservatives where possible.
  5. Children should not be targeted by fast food advertisements from corporations. See Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood
  6. Parents have the right to access all nutritional information for the foods that their children eat regardless of where it is consumed (school, community, home).
  7. Children regardless of poverty level should have equal access to fresh food at minimum when they are on school grounds.
  8. Fast food corporations will be banned from any participation on school grounds including food service and "gift card" rewards.
  9. Children have the right to nutritional education including information about healthy eating based on the latest in nutritional science and evidence-based research and if possible basic cooking skills provided by schools in situations where parents are unable to do so.
  10. Children have the right to enough time to properly consume a meal without being rushed. The time to consume a meal shall include time to quietly socialize with thier peers or those they are at the table with.
  11. Children also have the right to utensils, including, at the proper age, forks and knives.
  12. Children have the right to interact with soil and seeds in the classroom or in a school or home garden wherever possible.

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  1. Anonymous6/22/2010


  2. I'm really glad someone is doing this.

  3. Miriam6/22/2010

    I love the CCFC, they are a little tiny fighten hard non-profit and I try to donate to them every year.

  4. Agreed! Here's a link to their site: CCFC.

  5. Anonymous6/23/2010

    I love this.

  6. Wonderful!