Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food for Thought

...brought to you by Junkfood Science, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. The latest post, The Silence of Evidence, investigates the political and financial forces behind the move to switch to nationalized electronic medical records, which is a topic that's receiving very little media coverage. Until reading this post, the most I had heard about it was a piece on NPR, but they mostly covered the concerns that medical professionals have over the switch (what if my computer won't boot up...?) and the resistance within the profession due to the fact that clinics and hospitals will be expected to spend a lot of money that will not increase revenues in any way. But the larger issues of liability, government oversight, accountability for errors, transparency, etc have never been discussed in any media outlet that I'm aware of. And the larger trend of marketing finesse triumphing over very legitimate concerns such as patient safety is a recurring theme in capitalist systems which should always be open for discussion in my view.

It's a super interesting and informative post - go read it!


  1. Anonymous4/01/2009

    First of all, I am loving your blog.

    And second, that junkfood science blog looks like a blog I was thinking should exist a few weeks ago.

  2. Thanks!

    And I agree about Junkfood Science. It's so great to have a blog done by a medical professional that's both in the field, having immediate access to this info, and is critical and thoughtful about it. That's such a rare combo.