Friday, July 16, 2010

Webcomics of the day

I don't understand your complaint.  There totally is a straight pride march. That same day too. On all the other streets.

T-Rex: It's safe to eat chalk, right? Probably? / T-Rex: Probably it's safe to eat chalk? T-Rex: Let us totally assume that it's safe to eat chalk!! T-Rex: And seriously, if it's not safe to eat chalk then it's DEFINITELY safe to eat sawdust. And even if it's not, there's got to be things that'll pass through you ENTIRELY UNDIGESTED but that also won't cause any harm when you gobble them! / T-Rex: Guys! We should be making food out of these things! Utahraptor: Another weight-loss scheme? / T-Rex: Utahraptor, this one's perfect though! T-Rex: You'll be able to eat all you want and get that great 'I'm so full, you guys' feeling, but never gain any weight! / Utahraptor: Ah, yes, that coveted 'I'm so full of chalk and sawdust, you guys' feeling. / T-Rex: Don't knock it 'til you've tried it! Narrator: T-REX TRIES IT / T-Rex: bleh really should wait, though, because sex is something married people do.  Ohhhhh, like fighting in Perkins?

Gentlemen, our waters are in great danger. Perhaps we should follow the path of the Devonian sea creatures, and adapt to walk on land. [pause] Barry, shut the fuck up.  Seriously...

So how's your quiet desperation going?  Shhh.

You know what the problem with kids today is?  They're young and alive.  Indeed.  And they do things.  Not the exact same things I would do or the same way I'd do them.  They wear clothes that are fashionable by today's standards.  Clothes that would have looked strange in our day.  I can't say I'm fond of the fact that they've all mutated into giant slugs, either.

**Trigger Warning**

I wish my uncle were a vampire or a werewolf. Movie monsters are meant to do terrible things.  I wouldn't have worried that it was my own fault.


  1. Anonymous7/16/2010

    Hey there, could you please change it so that the pictures link to the actual comic listed instead of the homepage of the comic? They're a little too small for me to read here. Thanks :)

  2. Lizzay7/16/2010

    Thanks for the trigger warning on that last one. That is intense, but so well-said.

  3. I ♥ NatalieDee!

  4. Anonymous7/16/2010

    Oh god that last one ripped my heart out!

  5. Fabulous collection!

  6. I agree with Joey. ANd how do you make the little heart symbol show up in comments?

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