Wednesday, July 21, 2010

things that are awesome

We have two yardsale gnomes in our little piece of the community garden. They started out as ironic gestures, but have morphed into characters we take Very Seriously. This is Gunther, who watches over the strawberries, what's left of the spinach, and the sunflowers.

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  1. Michael7/21/2010

    That is undeniably awesome, but your spinach appears to be going to seed. Whats the name of the other gnome?

  2. Yeah, the spinach... We didn't have this garden plot last year, and there's all this dill and spinach that unexpectedly volunteered in random spots throughout the garden. And that was kinda nice so when it got really hot about a week and a half ago and the spinach started to bolt I picked what I wanted and let it go, thinking it will be fun to have volunteers again next year. It's my planned method of unplanned and somewhat haphazard gardening. Sort of an intentional incompetency. No strict straight rows and perfectly orderly gardening going on around here!

    The other gnome is named Linus.

  3. Oh, is that a sunflower to the right? So fun! I love it when people put little patches of flowers right in the middle of vegetable gardens.

  4. Gunther is beyond sweet. And way less pretentious than that Travelocity gnome.

  5. Oh, those neat little gardens with perfectly straight rows are overrated anyway. As if anything grows in a neat row in nature. I say let your garden match your personality. If you're orderly and anal then by all means have straight rows. But there's nothing wrong with a little chaos in the garden.

  6. Shalee7/21/2010

    I ♥ Gunther!

  7. I agree Maud. I can't believe how much time people spend pounding in stakes and stringing up twine to make sure their rows are perfectly straight.

  8. Anonymous7/24/2010

    I'm so jealous! I didn't have time for a garden thhis year. =(

  9. Lizzay7/25/2010

    Oh I love the old ceramic gnomes with distinctive personalities like this one. Cheap plastic ones from Walmart are an abomination! Yardsales are your best bet.