Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexual Assault on Campus

The Center for Public Integrity has completed an investigation into sexual assault on college campuses. Their most recent investigation focuses on the results of adjudication, the many barriers to reporting, the tendency of college administrations to be incredibly lenient, the culture of secrecy surrounding sexual assault on campus, and the failure of the Department of Education to enforce Title IX. Click here to read more about this investigation.

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  1. Anonymous3/07/2010

    there's also the issue that while sometimes a girl might initially say no, when faced with continued aggression and perhaps a more unsafe option - like getting out of the acquaintance-aggressor's car on an unlit side street at 2am after he offered her a ride home from a club, she may well consent. That consent, however, is coerced by his aggressive insistence on sex and the attending circumstances that make having sex with someone to whom you have already said no, now the better of the options available to you. These options being:
    1. risk his escalation
    2. risk random violence on the dark street
    3. risk arrest for intoxication if u can walk the home alone in heels at that hour
    4. risk the consequences of such an arrest
    5. call 9-11 and see how that goes with the cops(esp if ur both drunk etc)
    6. see if u can get in contact with a friend at that hour - assuming ur thinking straight enough to think of this option
    7. think clearly, as if you've never experienced sexual violence, or male dominating violence as a child etc...and then choose
    8. continue to say no, and see what happens