Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to advocate for child rape

Beware - it's absolutely breathtaking.

Then there's this.

And this.


  1. Um, yeah. This is astonishing. I can't believe the things I'm hearing out of the mouths of people I used to respect. Whoopi Goldberg said it wasn't "rape-rape." One petition suggests that Polanski shouldn't be prosecuted because of Europe's statute of limitations. Others are furious because the child's mother was pushy, or because there might have been judicial misconduct. All of this is irrelevant.

    Bottom line: Roman Polanski plead guilty and then ran away. By letting him go, we'd be saying that it's okay to rape a young girl as long as you have the money and clout to hide long enough.

  2. Brioche10/01/2009

    It's all just so depressing. I can't handle any more "news" on this topic.