Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lies We Tell Our Kids, Part III

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Could this picture and story be endorsed by anyone that's ever actually been on a real farm? And children's books are full of these kinds of depictions of farms.



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  1. Sienna9/16/2009

    But what are we suposed to tell kids farms are like? I cringe at the thought of showing them PETA videos.

  2. That the animals are there for a reason? That they are usually kept separately? That the cats are kept around to eat the mice?

    I grew up actually seeing farms (despite my rough northern council estate upbringing) and, if possible, I think that is the best way.

    And if you are too ashmed to show a kid real farm then... something is wrong there.

  3. Meg'n9/17/2009

    I think we can avoid telling them that farms are wonderful places where animals play all day and die of old age but still not expose them to things like PETA videos. It seems like there's some way to be honest with them without giving them more info than they're ready for.

  4. I agree, Meg'n.

  5. Remember that song Phoebe sang to the kids in Friends about the farm animals and what we do to them?

  6. I must have logged on at exactly the same time you did, Riley, since your comment just appeared right when I got here. I don't remember that episode (and am happy to admit that I didn't see all the Friends episodes. But now I'm curious based on Phoebe's other songs. I'll see if I can find it on YouTube and post it here.

  7. I agree with Clare and Meg'n, and that video is hilarious! Too bad we can't hear the rest of the song.

  8. Anonymous9/21/2009

    The second verse goes:

    The chicken scratches in the dirt
    The chicken scratches in the dirt
    Then the farmer cuts off his head and chops him up
    And that's where we get drumsticks.

  9. Farms are hard work. Just ask my Dear Mother, a former farm child.

  10. From January of 2008 until March of 2009 our little family lived on an organic dairy farm. Thankfully, there was nothing going on that would upset PITA (as far as I know) as our boss was really into being organic and free-range (as much as is actually safe for entirely domesticated animals, that is).

    But you know, there is plenty of harsh, real reality on a farm! I think it's so funny you posted those pictures from that book because, upon seeing something similar in a different book, my (now) almost 6yo had quite a few things to say about how completely ridiculous the book was!

    On real farms, cows are covered in poop half the time and you know what? They aren't always nice. They certainly don't PLAY with anything or live happily every after. They get sick, they die, they have babies, all sorts of things happen. And it's a lot of really hard work, I might add!

    Anyway, blah blah, it's late and I'm rambling. Sorry!