Thursday, October 1, 2009

Opt-Out Revolution Nonsense Debunked

Apparently, when you have access to fairly accurate statistics, like from the census, you find that much of the drama about well-educated moms who are "opting out" of their careers to stay home with their kids has been manufactured by journalists who use anecdotal evidence to support claims of a widespread national trend. And the fact that culturally we still really want to believe that all women find mothering to be the most fulfilling activity ever of all time, and that all women are naturally nurturing and non-competitive, and that a cold professional career can never be fulfilling for a woman once she sees what the alternatives are, and that all mothers who work do so only out of financial necessity, and that feminism has failed....makes us (as a society) all too eager to jump on these little manufactured dramas and overlook the fact that they're supported only by anecdotal evidence.

Just sayin'

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  1. Meg'n10/01/2009

    Does this mean we can finally put the sad tired opt-out thing to rest? Dear god please.