Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things that don't suck

So, we've been checking out Sesame Street Old School dvd's from the library lately, because it turns out that it's not Sesame Street I dislike despise, it's Elmo. I know it's cliched and snotty, and I always thought I would never be the kind of parent who develops a violent and irrational aversion to a character from toddler tv, but that grammatically-challenged little fucker (and his friend Baby Bear) can work your last nerve. On the other hand, old school Sesame Street still kinda kicks ass. As it turns out, so does The Electric Company:

And, just in case you're not convinced, a bonus scene. The 3 y/o dissolves into a helpless giggling fit at this one. Every time. She's had to rewind and rewatch it at least 50 times.

I know, right? Indisputably awesome.


  1. momoffour2/23/2011

    Oh god, the classic Sesame Street episodes are so much better. The people seem like real people off the street - not some Hollywood idea of what a person of that demographic should look like. And have you noticed that in the original episodes Oscar is a much darker, dingier shade of green than the scrubbed-up lime green he is now? I mean come on, he lives in a trash can!

  2. Anonymous2/23/2011

    yep. oscar is both dingy and nappy. and bert is a bit surly. check it
    Old School

  3. theOtherheather2/23/2011

    Ha! Why is Cookie Monster clutching Bert's arm on the cover of volume 2? I feel like I'm missing out on so much by not having any classic children's tv shows in my life!

  4. Michael2/23/2011

    Wait, I thought in the 70s reading was all about word recognition. There's some serious phonics action going on in that first clip.

  5. Anonymous2/23/2011

    Indubitably. Awesome, that is.

  6. @Anonymous - Ha!

  7. Anonymous3/02/2011

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