Monday, February 14, 2011


Go on, guess. Guess whose shit I am totally sick of.
  1. State legislatures that think it's an awesome idea to allow guns on college campuses (even in classrooms and dorms) and in bars.
  2. State legislatures that can. not. let. the whole birther thing die.
  3. State legislatures that continue to obsess over defending ourselves from the OMG real!! and present!!! danger!!!! of gay marriage!!!!!
It's a good thing politicians heard the loud and clear message sent by voters in the last election - ya know the whole "we want you to focus on jobs and the economy" message. Yep, that one.


  1. Anonymous2/14/2011

    I've noticed this too! WTF?

  2. As far as guns on campus go...

    My gay roommate was raped three times in one semester and subsequently dropped out of college. Its hard to sleep at night knowing that I can't have any protection legally, but a criminal could easily carry a weapon with them.

  3. nobody,

    Sexual assault on campus is a huge problem. Most campuses have such a pathetic system in place for dealing with sexual assault that it basically amounts to sanctioning it. But I'm not sure carrying guns is the solution. There seem to be so many other awful risks involved with guns on campus. I guess I would advocate for carrying pepper spray or something like that for self-defense.

  4. Anonymous2/14/2011

    Guns in bars...fabulous. Have these people seen the way some folks behave under the influence of alcohol and testosterone?

  5. that comic is awesome

  6. Anonymous2/15/2011

    You have to be pretty single-minded to still be a birther. Didn't someone already post a copy of Obama's birth cert online?

  7. On the guns in bars thing - maybe they have a death wish?