Monday, February 22, 2010

The Problem with Abstinence Only Sex Ed

Either he's too big or I'm too small but we've been married for eight months now and we're both still technically virgins
From PostSecret


  1. Sounds like vaginismus, which can be caused by (among other things) anxiety due to misinformation about intercourse or shame or guilt asociated with sex. So yea, abstinence-only sex ed could definitly contribute.

  2. Meg'n2/23/2010

    Slightly off-topic, but that Scarleteen post was very informative. I had never even heard of vaginismus before. Interesting.

  3. diamondsforhorses2/24/2010

    A healthy dose of teen or young adult sexual experimentation would probably have solved this problem. Or at least alerted them to issues they would be facing together going into their marriage.

  4. Oh my gosh that could be me (minus the married part, of course, and make the relationship four years long rather than eight months).

    I do indeed have vaginismus, but was spared the additional fuckery of abstinence-only miseducation, and was lucky enough to grow up relatively free of sexual shame.