Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For real

Netflix just recommended this movie to me based on my other selections:

When her boyfriend leaves her high and dry in Tokyo, spoiled American tourist Abby (Brittany Murphy) finds solace in a neighborhood ramen noodle house run by a cantankerous old chef (Toshiyuki Nishida), who agrees to take her on as an apprentice cook. But will the dirty grunt work and endless criticism drive Abby away before she discovers the serene beauty in the perfect bowl of soup -- and in herself?
WTF? I'm totally not making this up. Do they know me at all? I have to say my feelings are a little bit hurt. And I'm dying to see the algorithm that goes into generating recommendations. Pandora Radio does it successfully, for free, so it doesn't seem like rocket science. And why didn't they just give this film a subtitle like "Cultural appropriation and shallow comedy produced by flaunted ethnic stereotypes" or something. Then I could at least appreciate the honesty involved.


  1. So... did you watch it or are you prejudging it?

  2. I think it's fair to prejudge almost anything starring Brittany Murphy.

    For the record, I showed my BFF this post, and she says Netflix recommended the same movie to her. She was just as appalled.

  3. Steven, I'm judging it based on the producers own description of the movie. And the image that goes with it tells me an awful lot too.

    Tori, I must say I'm kind of relieved to hear that they're suggesting this movie to other people in a similarly ridiculous way. Damn!

  4. theOtherHeather2/04/2010

    I'm just confused about the function of the shoes/torture-devices in the foreground. Are they supposed to represent foot binding to coordinate with the dress?