Friday, June 3, 2011

Right choice, wrong reason

So there's this: Retailers move to greener, easier-to-open packaging:
[T]he maddening — and nearly impenetrable — plastic packaging known as clamshells could become a welcome casualty of the difficult economy. High oil prices have manufacturers and big retailers reconsidering the use of so much plastic, and some are aggressively looking for cheaper substitutes.
Which is good. What's depressing is their reason for it. It's not because plastic is unhealthy in multiple ways, and reallyreallyreally bad for the environment. It's not because that packaging was shitty and irritating to begin with. No, it's because of the cost.

Seems to me like this is reason enough:


  1. Gynormica6/03/2011

    This is a good reason not to subsidize oil and other bad habits - letting prices go up is the only way to motivate businesses to change their ways.

  2. Anonymous6/06/2011

    That video is pretty sobering. Where do we think this stuff is going to go. There is no such thing as "throwing" something "away".