Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full of the awesome

So, it's finally gardening time again. Which makes me pretty damn happy. Until the first epic hail storm comes through and pounds my carefully nurtured seedlings to pulp. Then I'll be cursing the weather gods and guzzling tequila. But for now, YAY!

Y'all might remember Gunther, one of our garden gnomes. He's come out of storage hibernation for the season, and this has motivated me to get to work on these felted wool gnome hats I'm making for the girls.

And that made me realize that they need gnome beards to go with the hats, if they're going to be hangin' with Gunther and Linus (Gunther's stoic but loyal friend). So that prompted a search for beard templates, which led to this awesome set of images on flickr. It really doesn't get any better than this, does it?

For more gnome-related awesomeness, check it:


  1. Anonymous6/02/2011

    That hat is adorable!

  2. dirtyhippie6/02/2011

    Have you seen The Gnome Craft Book? Fun!

  3. Suweeet! Both the beard and the hat.