Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An unhealthy, overly-processed food additive by any other name

...is still an unhealthy, overly-processed food additive. Good try, though.

Corn syrup producers want sweeter name: corn sugar


  1. happyfeminist9/14/2010

    Love, love, love the comic!

  2. Ahh, the miracle of "re-branding."

  3. MelbaToast9/15/2010

    Mmmmm, doesn't that just make you want a pop-tart? Actually, I made these with my kids recently and ohmygod where they good!

  4. Nice! And no hydrogenated oil or HFCS in sight. Maybe I'll try it on some snowy Saturday morning when I'm feeling all ambitious and there's no football game on yet. That's usually when we try stuff like this. I wonder if I could get away with replacing half of the flour with whole wheat? I do that with every other recipe I make, but I don't deal with pastry dough much.

  5. You probably could go half whole wheat, but I would use whole wheat pastry flour, if you can find it.