Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dora the Bratz

Yep, it's happening. A feminist parent's nightmare. One of the few characters for preschoolers that actually provided a positive female role model is being sexified, commodified, and "tween"ed. Because having strong, competent, adventurous female characters isn't good enough. They have to be dumbed down, forced into a ridiculous body shape, accessorized, and sent to the mall. Dora's friendly and resourceful backpack will no doubt be turned into a tiny armpit purse, good only for carrying makeup. Map will turn into a cellphone, for hours of empty and insipid texting with her other tween friends. Hurray for the sexualization of young girls. Hurray for the commodification of all things female.

Rest in Peace, Dora.

If you're feeling slightly more optimistic than I am, click here to sign the petition to Mattel and Nickelodeon to keep Dora the way she is.


  1. *sigh* Who's next, Kai-Lan? I agree. This is really depressing, and I'll sign the petition too, even though I bet it does nothing to change their plans.

  2. Lizzay3/04/2009


  3. Anonymous4/13/2009

    deigo shall be the next victim

    how sad