Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Miscellanea

Y'all know I tend to be a bit (by which I mean totally and completely) anti-plastics. And this week more reasons have emerged to avoid the stuff:
Large Human Study Links Phthalates, BPA and Thyroid Hormone Levels
A link between chemicals called phthalates and thyroid hormone levels was confirmed by the University of Michigan in the first large-scale and nationally representative study of phthalates and BPA in relation to thyroid function in humans.
The gist is that, in urine analysis of adult subjects, there's an inverse relationship between the levels of certain chemicals associated with plastics and thyroid levels. And since we already know that these chemicals mess with your endocrine system in other ways, this is hardly surprising, but worth paying attention to.

And speaking of hormones, a new ad campaign for milk claims to help men deal with PMS. Their wives' or girlfriends' PMS, apparently. Because all men are in heterosexual relationships with women, all of whom are fucking crazy because of all their scary lady hormones which (everyone knows) renders them entirely irrational, bitchy, and impossible to live with.

In spite of the super scary PMS thingy that hetero men have to constantly deal with, it's still far better to be straight. At least it is in the eyes of God and Michelle Bachmann's husband. To that end,his clinic will use federal funding to help you pray the gay away. At least, that's what this article in The Nation claims. Of course, Doctor Mister Bachmann denies this, and says they only use federal funding to help pray the gay away if the client specifically asks for that kind of "therapy." Which is way better. Or something.

Over here, Mica Zenko crunches the numbers and concludes that there is a striking gender imbalance in the land of think tanks and foreign policy and national security. What explains this imbalance and what can change it? Click over there and read it.

A new study investigates the Google effect - the way that we seem to remember differently than we did before the Google machines were so plentiful and easily accessible. It seems that we strategically remember - and forget - things based on how easily we can access them online. If some piece of info is easily accessible online, then we're less likely to remember it than if it's not.

Another study reveals that the chances that a person will cheat on their partner is not actually tied to gender, as conventional wisdom would have it. Instead of adhering to the gender divide, it follows the power divide. In other words, in a truly egalitarian society, women would cheat just as often as men. Just don't tell the evo psych community this.

And finally, we're reminded yet again that our justice system tends to incentivize overzealous and dishonest prosecution practices, at a huge human cost. And if recent rulings from the supreme court are any indication, that ain't about to change anytime soon.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. The cheating and gender piece is interesting. It's a good example of the third variable dynamic - where there's actually a different force at work that's causing a correlation between the initial 2 forces that are being studied.

  2. Anonymous7/18/2011

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  3. I let that last one through for sheer entertainment value...

    Of course, it's also a great example of a commercial website (selling women from India, apparently) posing as a personal blog.

  4. You would think that marketers would be savvy enough by now to not even try shit like that milk marketing campaign.

  5. I actually think that the boycott women site isn't that funny. It's pretty sad. Here you have a few men who have obviously had bad experiences with individual women, and rather than seeking therapy or coming up with some kind of healthy coping skills, and then moving on, they've transformed their hurt into hatred of an entire group of people. And no doubt this stunts their growth and makes them even less desirable as a partner for a healthy woman who they might have actually had a shot with. So then the alternative is to buy a bride from a third world country where women are trained to be doormats and are so desperate to get out of poverty that they'll marry any old asshole and tolerate his abuse and disrespect. It's sad all the way around.

  6. diamondsforhorses7/18/2011

    Wait, are we supposed to be upset that these hateful misogynists are boycotting us? And doesn't the term "boycott" assume that the "product" you're boycotting is something you had access to in the first place?

  7. Anonymous7/28/2011

    xD lol I agree with that. Women are not a product in general, but by saying "And doesn't the term "boycott" assume that the 'product' you're boycotting is something you had access to in the first place?" you insinuate that women are in fact a product. That is not right in any way. I do find it sad, though, that people purchase wives from other countries. I find it disturbing on too many levels to count. I also find it disturbing, though, that there are guys who have been hurt enough to see that as an option. I'm saying that there MUST be something wrong with the society that makes enough guys feel that buying a wife is a respectable option. i also feel bad that there are enough women around to drive these guys to feel that way. I mean every idea has some small dose of reality in it. There had to be a good amount of guys who share his opinion in order to be able to function as a real site. I honestly feel bad for the poor guys who use this site. I feel bad not because they are pathetic, but because i view them as very sad and hurting individuals who have reap a bad crop of women. I'm not saying ALL women are bad, but everyone knows a few women who they cannot stand. Everyone has to acknowledge the existence of mental ails and women whom were just raised poorly. You all have seen at least a couple, as have I.